Pest problems around your commercial property are one of the biggest fears for business owners and workers. We know the difficulties of running a business, and that same drive and dedication probably have you wondering if you can DIY your pest control solutions. 

Not all DIY solutions are made equal, and if you aren’t experienced in the art of pest control, you can be missing out on effective solutions that not only remove pests but keep them away for good. These six reasons to never DIY your commercial pest control work will show you the importance of turning to a professional pest control company.

You Can Avoid Costly Short-Term Solutions

When working on pest control solutions, it’s extremely important to think long-term. Short-term solutions don’t actually solve the problem, and you want your pest management solutions to get to the root of the problem. Even if you remove many of the pests running around your business, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of the nests and colonies dug deeper within your walls. Professional pest control treatments save you time and money and prevent hundreds of dollars of losses on short-term solutions.

Prevent Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

Pest control products often contain many chemicals that can harm your home and business. Sometimes, spraying those chemicals around can do more harm than good, as they can infect you, your workers, and your customers. While many of the products on store shelves claim to be quick and effective, you might miss the bugs or rodents a few times — requiring more sprays — or improperly use the product. This process leaves your business with the stench of pest control chemicals that can cause health problems over time.

Use Products the Right Way

Not only is it important to identify pest control products that are right for your infestation, but you need to use them the right way. Pest control experts know exactly how to use the products, how much is required, and how to clean the area afterward. Best of all, because it’s a specialty, you won’t have to worry about wasted time cleaning up or potentially damaging products around your business.

Bugs Are Getting Stronger

Believe it or not, those pests aren’t just falling flat to the chemical effects they endure. Bugs are adapting to the over-the-counter pesticides you’re probably using to attack them, and the more they are sprayed, the more they are rendered ineffective. Genetics allows a tiny amount of the species to survive exposure to harmful chemicals. As time passes and these species multiply, their offspring are more adept at defending themselves.

DIY Projects Don’t Prevent New Infestations

Many business owners think they’ve done a great job removing the pests they can see. As we discussed, getting rid of pests is not enough, as you also want to prevent them from returning. An important part of pest control is getting right down to the root of the problem while also preventing any future infestations in the first place. 

Each pest has a different way of avoiding danger and hiding from potential harm. You might even get rid of a pest, only to find out it was hiding somewhere in your building a few months later and has now returned. Hiring a professional ensures you exterminate every last bit of those pesky pests and rodent-proof your building with effective preventative measures.

DIY Pest Control Options Prevent a Professional Job Well Done

The final reason you shouldn’t DIY a pest control project? They prevent a job well done by a pest control professional. When you turn to an expert service like Total Extermination, you can avoid pesky flies, bed bugs, and other insects with our building insect control for New York City business owners. There’s nothing worse than thinking you got rid of pests, only to find that they’ve been hiding in plain sight all along. Our professional service will make sure your business thrives without the presence of unwanted guests. 

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