How to Safely Eliminate Pest Issues at the Workplace

Finding an unwanted pest in your workplace is one of the worst things that could happen to a work environment. That’s why when it occurs, it is best to make sure that you take action immediately and eliminate them in the best and most efficient way possible. You can’t just wait around for them to […]

6 Reasons to Never DIY Your Commercial Pest Control

Pest problems around your commercial property are one of the biggest fears for business owners and workers. We know the difficulties of running a business, and that same drive and dedication probably have you wondering if you can DIY your pest control solutions. 

What Are the Signs You Have a Commercial Pest Infestation?

Running your business is stressful enough — seeing to the needs of the property is another animal entirely…sometimes literally! As a leading provider of commercial pest control in NYC, NY, our team has put together the top signs you have a pest infestation at your commercial property, whether that be an office, restaurant, or other […]

What Questions Should You Be Asking Your Commercial Exterminator?

a pest control specialist from Total Exterminatin working on a commercial job site

Most business owners probably don’t think about pest control until they see the tell-tale signs of a pest problem. Our team understands how stressful the predicament can be! While you know you need a long-term solution — and fast — it’s not enough to dial the first number you come across. You must partner with […]