Effective Rodent Protection Solutions for Building Management Needs

The last thing you want to hear in any commercial space is a rat spotting. Any sign of rodents automatically gives you a scarlet letter and deters people from coming back to your establishment. So what are you to do when you find one of these furry little fiends crawling around your space? You bring in the best name in rodent proofing for industrial buildings; Total Extermination.

For nearly two decades, our rodent proofing company dedicated to building management has offered peace of mind to business and property owners. Our seasoned exterminators, in addition to our commercial pest control services, boast years of expertise in rodent management, safeguarding your establishment and maintaining its pristine appearance.

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Total Extermination is proud to offer our rodent proofing services for building management in the Greater NYC area. Our exterminators have provided our commercial rodent removal and residential pest control.

Rodent control for your factories is a must for all industries, as the last thing you want is to have your products recalled for contamination in the warehouse. This potential mishap is a critical reason many turn to rodent proofing for building management throughout New York City and the surrounding areas.

Our warehouse rodent control specialists investigate the root of your mouse or rat problem and eliminate it at the source. Our exterminators pride ourselves on being eco-friendly, so you can rest assured that any rodent removal is taken care of in a humane and environmentally-conscious manner. Don’t let a rodent infestation compromise your business’ product development, packaging, or shipping; reach out to Total Extermination so we can remediate the issue once and for all.

There’s no worse place to find a rat than in a restaurant. As soon as somebody sees a rodent, they assume that the kitchen is infested with them and consider your food inedible. You may even get stuck with lousy Yelp reviews recounting the experience, deterring others from your establishment as well. Times like this call for rodent proofing for building management services in New York City & Bergen County Area.

Rodent proofing for restaurants might be one of the best investments you can make for your eatery. Not only does it improve the optics of your kitchen, but it also goes a long way toward improving the cleanliness of your establishment — which you’ll be thankful for when the health inspector pops in for a visit. As soon as you see the first semblance of a rat — whether it be seeing an animal or finding footprints or droppings — give us a call.

Have you noticed an opening in your office that you aren’t used to seeing? Some might chalk it up to wear and tear, but the reality is a small rodent might have chewed through this hole — and is using it to get into your workspace. If you want to be as efficient as possible in rodent-proofing your industrial buildings, you need to have a plan of attack to address this type of damage they could cause.

Total Extermination offers rodent hole sealing for offices in the Greater NYC area as part of our suite of rodent control services. Leaving these holes open can lead to issues for your building and allow even more pests to find their way into your space. With us on the job, you can rest assured that these holes are completely patched, leaving no way for rodents and other nuisances to find their way inside.

Total Extermination offers commercial rodent proofing in and around New York City.

Ready to improve the cleanliness of your business? Our rodent proofing for building management services can help. We also offer much more than just rodent control for factories and other establishments; Total Extermination also provides the following services throughout New York City & Bergen County, NJ.

We’re proud to serve New York City, including Central Park, Midtown, Greenwich Village, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, the Garment District, Soho, Tribeca, the Financial District, Battery Park, the Lower East Side, and other areas of Manhattan, NY; we also serve the regions in and around Englewood, NJ. Give the Total Extermination team a call today to schedule your rodent proofing appointment!