Commercial Pest Control in New York City & Bergen County Area

Your business space mirrors your brand’s essence, serving as the initial encounter for many. But what occurs when guests encounter pests or their telltale signs within your premises?

A reliable commercial exterminator is the key to sidestepping these issues, ensuring your office becomes a shining embodiment of your brand’s identity.

Our Total 3-Step Approach

For the effectiveness of our services, we make sure to follow these steps for your commercial pest control in New York City & Bergen County Area


Our dedicated pest control expert will conduct a thorough inspection of your property, covering every inch inside and out, identifying any potential pest issues.


Rest easy! Our eco-conscious commercial exterminators are here to handle all the hard work, making today the last day you’ll ever tackle pests in your building. Our building management pest control solution is tailored precisely from the insights gleaned during our inspection.


We're committed to staying until the job is done. Our team continuously monitors your property, ensuring thorough eradication of pests and preventing any chances of their return. Our tailor-made program comes with an assurance—your property will undoubtedly be pest-free.

No one desires rodents in their premises, be it property owners or visitors. For owners of multi-family housing or apartment complexes, the sight of rodents can swiftly deter both existing and potential tenants. Our commercial rodent control services effectively tackle these issues, essential for any comprehensive multi-family pest management strategy across various areas.
To maintain a bug-free environment on your property, partnering with a trusted commercial pest control company becomes essential. Whether in NYC, NY, Englewood, NJ, or beyond, our commercial insect control services cover a wide spectrum of pests that might disrupt your business image and deter customers. From handling commercial fly control to eradicating bed bugs, we’re dedicated to clearing out any unwelcome guests and ensuring your premises remain pristine.
Dealing with flies can indeed be challenging, but they’re not invincible. Our commercial fly control dives deep into the root of the issue, ensuring your building remains free from flies, with minimized chances of their return. Our eco-conscious commercial exterminators employ cutting-edge green techniques, establishing us as the go-to choice for top-notch pest control solutions.
The common belief often portrays roaches as nearly invincible pests. Discovering them in your home can be distressing, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent ordeal with effective building management pest control services. While tackling them on sight might seem futile, our commercial roach control from Total Extermination targets the core issue. By addressing roaches at their source, we ensure potential infestations are thwarted, creating a clean, reassuring environment for your building’s residents and visitors.
As a landlord or property owner, dealing with bed bugs can pose significant worries. These pests can disrupt sleep and cause severe allergic reactions from their bites, making professional bed bug control a necessity for any property owner. If you haven’t connected with a reliable commercial pest control company in the area, it’s crucial to do so promptly for effective resolution.
At Total Extermination, our commercial pest control services cater to numerous towns and cities. From bustling urban centers to surrounding areas, we’re dedicated to serving a wide range of locations. Whether you’re in need within vibrant neighborhoods or neighboring regions, we’re here for you. Ready to elevate your commercial insect control and restore your property to its pristine state? Reach out to us today to kick-start the process!

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